Preservation and Alteration

Preservation and Alteration
So much preservation and alteration going on at Veterans Memorial Hall and Museum in 2021 and more coming in 2022.  With two major sources for funding granted in 2021 the Museum has been able to continue its original mission of preservation and honoring of the lives of Winnebago County's veterans. 
The funds granted to the Hall from the Winnebago County 2021 Capital Improvement Plan have gone into preservation of this historic building. Restoration crews took advantage of the late warm weather to continue working. Contractors have power washed the exterior of the building, removing soot and dirt to help stabilize the Bedford limestone. Once cleaned the crews were able to repair years of damage to the exterior walls and limestone steps. With the help of a cooperative Mother Nature the crews were able to prime and paint the exterior of the windows and doors. All timely and necessary restoration projects to keep Memorial Hall looking beautiful into the next 100 years.
Additional funding was awarded by Illinois Dept of Natural Resources Public Museum Capital Grant Program for a project involving the Museum and in cooperation with RAMP. The end goal of this project is to increase handicap access to the Armistice Memorial. The construction of a continuous ramp from the parking lot to the lawn level of the Memorial increases public access to the Monument tablets and gardens.  This increase in accessibility to the east side of Memorial Hall and Museum now includes a wider and properly drained basement level access.
As nouns the difference between preservation and alteration is that preservation is the act of preserving; the act of keeping from destruction, decay or any ill, while alteration is the act of altering or making different. Veterans Memorial Hall and Museum staff have become experts at the balance between these two concepts.