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Meet the Museum Director
Meet the man behind the scenes, the director of Veterans Memorial Hall and Museum – our very own Scott Lewandowski! Not only does he keep the ship sailing smoothly, but he's also the powerhouse driving the Annual Veterans Dinner and the Memorial Day Parade.
Scott joined the Winnebago County team back in May 2007 to oversee the operations of Veterans Memorial Hall and Museum. Since then, he's been on a mission to make things even more awesome. From implementing fancy Museum collection management software to boosting rentals and public awareness, Scott's been on a roll.
He's not just about numbers and software though. Scott's passion led to the creation of the Armistice-a Memorial to Peace, a project that involved moving and restoring a 123-year-old Civil War Statue!
And hold onto your hats, folks! During his time at the hall, Scott managed to secure over $600,000 in grant funds! Funds that have been instrumental to the New landscaping, the increased access to the building, new exhibit cases, and so much more.
Next time your in town stop in and say hello!
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Meet the Curator
Leanne Wright's background highlights her diverse experiences in anthropology, archaeology, and museum work. Being involved in the care and storage of the Anthropology Museum collection at Cole Hall at Northern Illinois University provided her with valuable insights into the world of artifacts and preservation.
Her involvement with various local museums and historical societies, including the Rockton Historical Preservation Commission and Midway Village Museum, showcases her dedication to preserving and sharing local history. She has contributed to establishing the Laurent House and worked on archaeology fieldwork and research.
A collaborative effort with volunteers resulted in "Guarding the DMZ, the Korean Conflict". The project is part of the Veterans Memorial Hall and Museums Travel Trunk Outreach program, emphasizing the importance of outreach and education.
The description of the curator's role as a multitasker, taking on responsibilities like being a tour guide, program developer, volunteer coordinator, and handyman, highlights the varied skill set required in the small museum environment. It's evident that individuals like Leanne play a crucial role in preserving and sharing the stories and artifacts that connect us to our history.
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