Lunch and Lecture series-Understanding the First World War –A Century Later

Veterans Memorial Hall
Lunch and Lecture series
Understanding the First World War –A Century Later
Presented by Terry Dyer-Terry Dyer was born in Rockford and is a lifelong resident of northern Illinois. Terry’s passion for military history began when at an early age his father took him on a tour of Veterans Memorial Hall and spoke of his great-great uncle who served with the 12th Illinois Cavalry in the Civil War.
Terry currently holds the position of Docent at Veterans Memorial Hall and is the  past State Commander of the Sons of the Union Veterans of the Civil War, a member S.U.V.C.W John A. Logan camp #26, and the Rock River Civil War Round Table.
         Wednesday April 19 2017 11AM-1 PM- Part 1
“Some Damned Mishap the Balkans” Why The World Went To War
In the spring of 1914, Europe was a troubled continent, especially in the Balkans where just about anything could set off a spark, that spark as set off on June 28, 1914.
              Wednesday May 17 2017  11AM-1 PM-Part II 
             “A Quick And Easy Little War” - It Will Be Over By Christmas                                              Through a decidedly tangled mesh of alliances that spark ignited what was supposed to be a short, victorious war, causing the people of  Europe to stumble, stagger, and then leapt willingly into the world’s first global war.
               Wednesday June 21 2017 11AM-1 PM-Part III                                                                         “Here Come The Yanks” – America Enters The War
After nearly three years of unimaginable conflict costing millions of lives the war is at a stalemate, following a series of events America enters the war on April 6, 1917, by declaring war on the German Empire.
 Each session will follow the same agenda:
10:45- Arrival
11:00- Lecture
Noon- Lunch
12:30- Building Tour (optional)
Cost $12.00 (per session including lunch) for reservations please contact
Veterans Memorial Hall at 815.969.1999